Klemen Gercar


Tyres are a very important part of technology in a motocross world. Because Mitas brand is quite new in motocross, I tested the tyres before the season and I was very impressed. I immediately decided to race in MXGP world championship with Mitas tyres. The advantage that Mitas tyre offers is a good quality and a multiple choice of tyres for every rider on every terrain in order to feel the best grip. I believe in Mitas, as I know that there are ambitious people behind who always try to improve the product. I truly believe that our joint way together with 62MotoSport team is the future and the winning way!

About Rider


In 2013, Klemen became MX3 world champion as a first Slovenian rider. Klemen had 9 races and he finished seven of them among top 3, three times as a winner. In 2013 Slovenian national championship, Klemen had five races and he won three of them. That was enough to become a national champion for fifth time. On top of that, he earned a title ‘best motorsport driver’.

In 2012, Klemen finished MX3 championship on 4th place, and became a Slovenian champion for the fourth time. With Slovenian national team, they managed to become European vice champions. In that year Klemen managed to win, also as first Slovenian rider, race for world championship in Orehova vas and was awarded with a title ‘best Slovenian motorsport driver’ by AMZS.

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