Chris Birch

Chris Birch

‘’My main reason for running Mitas tires is reliability.

Because Mitas control every part of the manufacturing process the quality

and reliability is well above that of their competitors and I know that

Mitas tires will never let me down.

They have a wide range of tires with a solution for every type of terrain.’’

About Rider


        Chris Birch is the current and 8 times New Zealand Enduro Champion.

Chris began his motorcycling career when he started competing in trials

in 1988 and won each class by the time he was 18.

         His first enduro was in 1998 where he won his class and

discovered his passion for enduros.

Chris has won national enduro championships in South Africa and Australia

as well as New Zealand.   In 2007, Chris discovered extreme enduros

and his life took on a different path.

Chris is a three time winner of the Roof of Africa and won

Red Bull Romaniacs in 2010.

He has competed successfully in all the major extreme enduros around

the world.  He also completed the 2012 Dakar Rally in South America,

finishing 26th overall and second rookie in his first rally event.

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